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The Mami Note* no está sola! To create a difference and excellence in our services we have created a partnership with our “Alma Mater” Locco Committee® based in Madrid.

Why We R* Different

Locco Committee® is a small graphic design studio in Madrid that has been quietly creating very elegant work, full of content and very rocker. In a short time it appeared as one of the best design studios after its birth in London, and since the end of 2015 it has a list of national and international top-level clients, with a true passion for good design.

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La Magia* starts here.

We rapidly prototype and collaborate in close partnership with our clients to build experiences that are more than a useful curation of best practices and optimizations.

“It is very important to us that each job has a soul. Achieving that is the basis of all our creations.”

Raúl Díez. Creative Director / Locco Committee®

1. Brand Strategy

We look at your business or product holistically, including the challenges you face at all touch points.
We design and create a strategic approach producing based on how your brand should behave in its entire marketing and entertainment ecosystem. Our approach includes:
● Creative Production.
● Establish Portfolio Planning.
● Design a measurement and analysis plan.

2. Innovation

TMN* X Locco® Partnership. Here’s what we offer:
● Innovation Concepts.
We evaluate business challenges and translate them into signature opportunities – to experiences that adapt to change and deliver value over time.
● Innovation Labs.
Our TMN* X Locco® solutions demonstrate what’s possible. We test theories, build pilots and design prototypes.

3. Streaming & Virtual Event

Our agility to host an event or live experience, when needed, and still convey a sense of community and inclusion is in our DNA.
But simply recreating an event virtually will not be enough.
At The Mami Note* we partner with our clients to evaluate the benefits of an event and provide unique solutions.
We identify the best format to deliver content, based on scale, technology, and audience profiles.
With more than 25 years of experience we are prepared.

4. Digital Experience

The Mami Note put people at the center of every decision with a thoughtful blend of data, intuition, design, content, and technology.
● Identify + Positioning.
● Creative Audiovisual Productions.
● Art Direction.
● E-Commerce + Websites.
● Digital Product.
● Brand Guidelines.
● Campaign Development.

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